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Depression does not always mean
Beautiful girls shattering at the wrists
A glorified, heroic battle for your sanity
Or mothers that never got the chance to say good-bye

Sometimes depression means
Not getting out of bed for three days
Because your feet refuse to believe
That they will not shatter upon impact with the floor

Sometimes depression means
That summoning the willpower
To go downstairs and do the laundry
Is the most impressive thing you accomplish that week

Sometimes depression means
Lying on the floor staring at the ceiling for hours
Because you cannot convince your body
That it is capable of movement

Sometimes depression means
Not being able to write for weeks
Because the only words you have to offer the world
Are trapped and drowning and I swear to God I’m trying

Sometimes depression means
That every single bone in your body aches
But you have to keep going through the motions
Because you are not allowed to call in to work depressed

Sometimes depression means
Ignoring every phone call for an entire month
Because yes, they have the right number
But you’re not the person they’re looking for, not anymore


— by “Alexandra” Tilton, NH (Teen Ink: November 2013 Issue)

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Love Jon Stewart.

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Jess Fink posted a pretty hard-hitting piece earlier about dealing with misogyny in her family. After the tragedy at UCSB this weekend, social media has lit up with some much-needed and frank conversation about just how prolific, sinister and culturally accepted it is for men to openly hate…


Last night a man asked me for a dollar as I left the subway on my way home. I gave him one.

He then proceeded to start talking to me and followed me for ten minutes as I tried to walk home. He ignored my repeated attempts to part ways and made comments about my body, his body and allude to us having sex. He asked personal questions about my life. He asked if I was married. I told him that I had a boyfriend, not because I owed him any answer, but my past experience has shown that these type of men, when hearing you are ‘taken’ often will leave you alone out of respect, not for you of course, but for the man who already ‘has’ you.

He walked all the way to the block I lived, talking away, moving closer to my side while I clutched my keys, splayed out between my fingers in one pocket and my cell phone in the other, mind frantically going over my options to get out of this situation. How to get away from this man without angering him. How to get into my apartment without him seeing where I lived.

When I turned the corner of my block I saw that the bodega was open. I told him I had to go to the store and said, again, good night. He followed me into the store, where with witnesses and the store owner who knows my face I had to courage to tell him to stop following me. That I didn’t want him to know where I lived. To go away.

He called me a bitch.

The store owner made him stay in the store long enough for me to dart across the street, duck into my apartment, and lock the door behind me.

I’ve spent most of today going over in my head what I did wrong to get into this situation.

I was stupid to give him a dollar. To speak to him after. To let him walk with me so far. To be so concerned with being polite.

But what that really boils down to is that I, my entire life, have been told that being a woman in public is asking for attention, and once received it is my fault in some way.

I don’t owe anybody conversation, my number, my time. It’s not a complement.

The truly insidious thing about harassment is that in the moment, the potential violence, quiet, persistent and vague threat combine with a world of people telling you that if something bad happens to you it’s YOUR fault. The conditioning women receive to be ‘nice’, be polite, smile for goodness sake (lest, horrors of all horrors we become that horrendous monster, a bitch). All this is why we accept being uncomfortable, being afraid, why we consider how our keys could be used as a weapon.

The man called me a bitch, and my biggest regret today is that I wasn’t a bigger one.


— A friend posted this on Facebook yesterday. Personally, I am so sick of rape culture and what it’s doing to us. (via thearetical)

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Rocky mountain roll! (Taken with instagram)

Rocky mountain roll! (Taken with instagram)

Made with Paper

Made with Paper

Currently Wearing: Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips in “Laced Up”.  (Taken with instagram)

Currently Wearing: Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips in “Laced Up”. (Taken with instagram)

Currently Wearing: “My Private Jet” by OPI. OBSESSED with this color right now. (Taken with instagram)

Currently Wearing: “My Private Jet” by OPI. OBSESSED with this color right now. (Taken with instagram)

I needed this!

I needed this!

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Over the past 22 years I have been alive, I have also been overweight. Today is the first time I have weighed myself in over 2 years and it is also the heaviest I have ever been..

Today is also the day that everything is going to change. 

Currently Wearing: “Not Like the Movies” by OPI (Taken with instagram)

Currently Wearing: “Not Like the Movies” by OPI (Taken with instagram)

Anonymous asked: Hi! I love your blog, it always makes me so hungry for sushi and korean :D I was wondering if you knew of a good hot pot place in calgary? I would always go to one in toronto where you get your own pot and they give you an unlimited amount of ingredients to put in there.. I can’t seem to find one here though! Thanks :)


THAT’S A REALLY GOOD QUESTION. I’ve only ever had hot pot three times in my life: once in the Philippines, once in the basement of a Chinese church and once camping. The reason my reply comes so late is because I did a little research for you p:
However, by research, I mean asking my one of my too many Chinese friends, Stanley, that goes out to eat a lot and pretty much knows every Chinese restaurant in the city. Oh and some very quick google searches. I also asked my dad but it’s pretty much what Stanley said but less. 

I’ve concluded that there’s Forbidden City inside T&T in the South but that place only has hot pot on certain days so you have to call in and ask when they have it. There’s Regecy Palace on the top floor of Dragon City mall in Chinatown. I’ve read a lot about Regency’s hot pot and it’s either hit or miss. Some think it’s a great place to get together with friends and eat with and some think the food is below par. 
Lastly, there’s The Cultural Centre Restaurant. I distinctly remember there being the words “hot pot” in the title somewhere when I last passed by though. It’s got a really good review on Urbanspoon (90%) so I assume it’s worth a try. I remember having a field trip to the Cultural Centre in grade 2 or 4 or something a really long time ago and we ate lunch at this restaurant. 

Anywho, if I find any more restaurants or end up going to one myself, I will definitely update you on whether or not it was worthy (:


ahhhh thank you! 


Perfect tweet is perfect. 


Perfect tweet is perfect. 

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Who remembers

Motherfucking Scholastic



And then the magical travelling romani circus of scholastic would randomly show up and you’d never care to buy any books but they had AWESOME gadgets and toys for sale

at the motherfucking…

I discovered Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s stone at one of these.. eternally grateful

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